Friday, October 8, 2010

If you are watching this.....

The other night I was watching Letterman and he was speaking about a conversation he had with Rachel Ray on a previous episode that apparently I had missed.  I guess he felt the rant was so good the first time that it needed to be repeated again during this episode.  It all had something to do with the multitude of television shows about food (he mentioned Cupcake Wars, which I've never seen, and Man Vs. Food, which i LOVE) on what I can agree is probably too many channels about food, and how wasteful and blatantly gratuitous they are.  He basically sounded his disapproval and hatred for these shows on the basis of starving families is Blahblahkistan, etc.  Now I sympathize with starving families, especially the children, and I don't necessarily agree with the amount of waste that is surely generated from these entertaining (though quite ridiculous most of the time, I'll admit) TV shows, and yes, it certainly could be used to help feed starving families instead of merely entertaining an already terribly obese country as it sits on its couch eating DoubleDowns.  But this is the problem I have with what I interpreted his argument was.  What I gathered was that he was angry about the fact that these starving families are subject to this kind of material.  The truth of the matter is, all of these shows are on cable networks, which means that these starving families he is referring to are shelling out, at a minimum, about $30.00 a month , probably more, to their cable company, and are watching these shows on a TV that is probably worth at least $30 to $50 or more at their local pawn shop.  So my feelings on the subject is, if you are watching these programs and your kids haven't eaten in two days, cancel the cable and sell your goddamn television and feed your fucking kids!  Then spend the time you ordinarily would be watching your favorite TV shows and get out there and LOOK FOR A JOB.

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